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Don't leave standing water around your house because it breeds mosquitoes. Be sure to change bird baths, water bowls and basins daily.

Is Pest Control an Option or a Necessity?

This is a topic where I think most people would answer, it’s an option. Well, let’s keep in mind the germs, bacteria, viruses and diseases we know pests carry. Now, consider households with babies, toddlers, dogs and cats because most times they will put anything in their mouths. Did you know that rodent and insect feces is toxic? Whether you own a single family home, condo or multi-unit building to reside in or for tenants to occupy, it is equally important to have your property professionally inspected and regularly serviced for rodents and insects. This will ensure the safety and comfort of the occupants and it keeps you abreast of structural and landscaping issues that can be problematic. Just as you would never buy a home without insuring it or move into a property without first sanitizing it, you should also highly consider having a pest inspection and pest control treatment before moving in or renting a property to a tenant.

You May Still Ask, “Why Is Proactive Pest Control So Important?”

Well, let’s use bed bugs for an example. We know bed bugs are on the rise again, right! We recently had a customer who rented their property to a tenant. Just after moving in, the tenant calls the owner to report signs of bed bugs. The owner called us and within one week of the tenant moving in we inspected the property and indeed they had bed bugs. We quoted the job and treated the property for bed bugs. Now, figure the average cost to treat bed bugs can range from $900-$5000. Do you think the owner was happy? Plus, look at the unknown, “Did the previous tenant move out without reporting having bed bugs or did the new tenant move the bed bugs in with them? Unfortunately, we will never know. If the property had been serviced during its vacancy we could have inspected and reported the absence or presence of pests.
Prevention budget pest control

Keep pet food in closed containers and be sure not to leave food out overnight as roaches and rodents love pet food.

Prevention budget pest control

Use insect resistant yellow light bulbs on porches and decks as this deters bugs from hanging around your doors.

Pest Control Services Are an Investment in Your Property

Did you know that a mortgagor will request a termite inspection when you sell or refinance your home?
Before you purchase your property, you’ll likely pay for an appraisal, building inspection, homeowners’ insurance, city inspection, home warranty, or all of the above. But even after paying that laundry list of expenses, do you know what potential pests may be lurking within the walls, cabinets, cracks, and crevices of your new dream home?
There’s an endless list of hiding places that target pests can hide and eventually cause damage to a home, and the damage has a high price tag! It’s said that termites, carpenter ants, woodboring beetles, carpenter bees, and other wood destroying insects cause a whopping $5 billion in property damage every year in the United States. Thankfully, our preventative pest control plan costs less than a monthly cell phone bill. So, the next time you pick up your phone, consider calling Budget Pest Control Company to protect your home before the damage starts.

Routine Pest Control - The Difference In Renting a Unit or Not!

As pest control technicians we meet tenants on a daily basis who are frightened of spiders, roaches and rodents. Some even complain about pests and pay for the service out of pocket. Pests can cause many tenants great anxiety and frustration that they begin searching the rental market for new residency. Most tenants who are currently having an issue with pests may consider moving due to them being uncontrolled and are more than likely to ask the next leasing agent or landlord if they have a pest control program place. I recall a customer calling saying their newly constructed multi-unit building had ants. Pest control is like insurance, it’s always good to have a service plan in place.
Prevention budget pest control

Trim tree limbs away from the house as they can act as a bridge for pests to get onto your roof and into your attic which can cause major damage.

Prevention budget pest control

Bugs and rodents are very attracted to moisture so be sure to never use mulch and wood chips in shaded areas because they help to retain water. Instead, use gravel or rocks next to the foundation.

Do You Wait to Get Rodents and Bugs to Call For Pest Control?

As an investor myself, I highly recommend servicing every property prior to a tenant moving in. For example, bed bugs can go into a state of hibernation called diapause meaning they can lie dormant for 1+ years. These critters live in baseboards, outlets, light fixtures, door frames, cracks, crevices and hundreds of other hiding areas of the home. Rodents live in the yard, walls, attics, crawl spaces and basements. Roaches are drawn to dark moist areas you sometimes cannot see. Let’s not forget those wood destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants. Wouldn’t you rather guard your home and family from these pests and not assume just because you can’t see pests they don’t exist! A seller may not disclose present pest issues with a potential buyer or may not even realize there is a pest problem, but a pest technician will work for you to search out and identify current and potential issues before you close on your property so you can treat them before they start harboring in your fixtures and furnishings.

Does Your Rental Listing Mention Pest Control Maintenance?

Keep in mind, when marketing vacant units, remember to state you are implementing an efficient and routine pest control program. This is a service that attracts tenants and is appreciated by them. Landlords who are proactive actually save more money annually because they have built the cost into the rent. Those who haven’t taken pest control into consideration cut into their profits only because they didn’t plan ahead.
Remember, even if your tenants are clean, insects and rodents can come from visitors, grocery bags, used furniture or a number of other places. When considering establishing the market rent for your units, remember to take into account the expense to service your unit monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly to compensate for the expense just as you do for common lights, water, landscaping, insurance, etc.
Not only are you saving, but your tenants are happier, more comfortable and longer-term renters who appreciate your concern for their health and safety.
Prevention budget pest control

Plant flowers and bushes at least 3 feet away from the perimeter of the home. Also, be sure to space your plants at least a foot apart so rodents can’t hide in them.

Prevention budget pest control

Periodically, walk around the perimeter of your home to assess and address potential issues that are a haven to pests. Be sure to remove water, weeds and debris. Seal all gaps, cracks and crevices so rodents, termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and beetles aren’t using these areas as entry points to gain access into your home causing further damage.

Integrated Pest Management Is Key

Lastly, exterminating is only one part of keeping your home or business pest free. Although professional services are very much needed and important, pest control services are more efficient and effective with the help of integrating:
All of these actions help to make your home or place of business less attractive to pests which deters them from harboring and breeding around your home. Remember insects, spiders and rodents are all around us and are always seeking food and shelter to extend their lives and perpetuate their life cycles!

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