About Us

Budget Pest Control Inc. provides a wide range of pest control services to the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Our company was established in 1995. We strive to meet excellence daily by providing you with services you can trust and depend on.

To ensure our customers achieve a pest free environment in their homes and businesses, and to provide the best service at prices within their budget.

To see beautiful and healthy urban areas thriving.

To be the number one pest control company in the City of Chicago through educating people and communities on how to curb and even eliminate pest issues within their living spaces


Contact us day or night via phone or email and we will contact you back as soon as possible to answer your pest control needs. Emergency services are available.

Qualified Technicians

Our certified technicians are continually trained to meet your needs and to stay abreast of industry standards. They also meet state and company requirements.

Affordable Prices

Our services are affordably priced to meet your budget.

Discounts & Promotions

We provide discounts to seniors, veterans, students and property owners of multi-units. We also offer seasonal promotions as well.

The pest control expert you can trust.

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We Use The Integrated Pest Management Method To Ensure
Our Customers Are Happy

We perform a thorough INSPECTION of the interior and exterior of your home or business to obtain a clear picture of the internal and external environments to pinpoint entry points. We then identify specific conditions that are ideal to the target pests’ habitat and conclude from
our professional opinion the issues are conducive to drawing pests inside.

Through our professional assessment, we create a strategic plan of action to PROTECT your home or business by using mechanical and/or chemical treatments to create barriers that will prevent and deter target pests from entering your home or business, so they aren’t attracted to making your property their home.

Our Integrated Pest Management methods of treatment help to FORTIFY your home or business. This process consists of educating our customers of day-to-day practices such as waste removal, maintenance, and sanitation that coincide with ridding properties of pests. We exclude pests by sealing cracks and crevices, reporting needed repairs that would aid in abating pests’ entry, and integrating various methods of pest control such as setting traps, baits, pesticides, and rodenticides for a pest free environment.

Tracking pest activity is just as important as treatment because pests are very smart and quickly learn our habits. Our pest management program allows us to monitor changes in
pests’ activity so that we are strategic in placement of insecticides, rodenticides and
monitors. We document and REPORT activity so you are in control and understand how to
keep pests from infesting your home or business.

We provide FOLLOW-UP services on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly program to suit your needs. We recommend follow-up services to ensure bugs that may be lying dormant, unhatched eggs, nymphs and adults are exterminated. We give you our company guarantee that if you are still seeing the pests, we treated within 30 days of our service appointment we
will come back out at no additional cost to you.